Martinez Family Portrait

When Extreme Home Make Over called I was excited and didn’t know what to expect.

Working with the Martirez family was both rewarding and challenging. It was a special situation from the beginning- the two boys challenged with disabilities, the taping of the show and never meeting the family before the sitting, all presented problems. The biggest challenge though was never having the family all together at one time. That becomes a problem when you are trying to create a family portrait.

I decided to just start photographing. I took several images of them playing and doing different things while Ty Pennington was in the background taping the show. Still in my mind I thought I would be able to have the whole family together for a portrait session, (wrong). These reasons are why I am so pleased with the final result of the image above. The image was created from 4 different photographs to make the perfect portrait. It made me realize that the possibilities are endless even when given limited time. The old saying, when given lemons make lemonade holds true.

While it is preferred to have all the time you need to create the perfect image I was so thrilled with what Emmanuel Martirez said about the portrait. “I am writing to let you know, that just a couple of weeks ago, my family finally saw the portrait you had created, and it was the most beautiful portrait of my family I had ever seen. Of all the photos ever taken of my family, the one you took of us all playing wiffle ball truly expresses my family’s spirit and personality. It was great. Thank you.”


Sam's Coffee Shop

Sam’s Coffee Shop

Many St. Louis people frequent Sam’s Coffee Shop on Manchester Road. When Extreme Home Makeover selected Sam’s as a renovation project it was done to make the coffee shop more accessible to the people who work there. Sam employs several people with various disabilities. However, Sam loved his current coffee shop. Parting with the old Coffee Shop was hard for him. Therefore, what I created for Sam and Extreme Home Makeover was a portrait of Sam in front of his old coffee shop. The portrait hangs in the new shop as a fond memory of years past.


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