Fall is a Beautiful Time to take a Family Portrait

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Colin is scheduling sittings for October – the colors will be stunning this year.

Pick a location of your choice or ask us about some of ours.


Colin’s been photographing Seniors and their Families

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Lots to do this summer getting them ready for their final year at home. Summer is a great time to get your seniors portrait taken before the start of an extremely busy year.  This is also the perfect time to have a Portrait of the whole family before your senior leaves for college.

This is also the time to take or update your Family Portrait.

Installing the Hopes and Dreams Exhibit at Children’s Hospital

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The 2009 Hopes and Dreams exhibit that was sponsored with Ladue News and Children’s Hospital is now permanently hanging in the main floor lobby at Children’s Hospital.  The goal of the exhibit was to give hope to patients and their families currently being treated at the hospital.  While we were hanging the Portraits there were so many people already being inspired by the Portrait’s and the stories.  One father said to me,  Wow this is amazing; my daughter is now having her second heart surgery and it’s great to see that she can grow up and be like these kids.  It was really touching.  This is exactly what our Hope and Dream was when this project was originally created.  It is an incredible feeling watching it come full circle.

Colin Miller – Strauss Peyton

The exhibit going up.

More Portraits on outside wall.


People already viewing the Exhibit.

Lauren Rechan,  Ladue News and Colin Miller,  Strauss Peyton

Hopes and Dreams 2010

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The Hopes  & Dreams 2010 Exhibit is a collaboration of Strauss Peyton and Ladue News along with Siteman Cancer Center.

This years Exhibit will feature 12 survivors of Breast Cancer.

The Portraits will show what personally helped them through their journey with Breast Cancer.

All of the Portraits will be unveiled on September 23, 2010 at Plaza Frontenac — also the September 23rd isssue of Ladue News weekly magazine will feature all 12 Portraits and stories in the Hopes & Dreams section.

Following the Exhibit at Plaza Frontenac, Portraits will tour the St Louis region, before being permanently displayed at the Siteman Cancer Center at the Center for Advanced Medicine, providing hope to those still in the midst of their battle.

It’s Time to arrange your 2011 High School Senior Portrait

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  • Your Senior Sitting includes a sitting at the location of your choice, clothing changes, and the image you need for your yearbook.

  • Senior Sitting Fee – $150

  • Let us help you plan the perfect portrait!

  • Our New 2011 Senior brochure will be out soon. Contact us and we will have one sent to you.

Time to plan Your Extended Family Portrait

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The summer is always a great time to get families together.

There are so many opportunities — High School and College Graduations — Family Reunions — Anniversary Parties and all the get-togethers that are unique just to your family.

These are the times we make memories — make sure you can keep them for a lifetime — as only a Professional Portait can do.

The Dugan Family Portraits are wonderful examples of a family enjoying each other.

Colin has captured them during a usual family get -together interacting with each other.

Then in a more traditional pose showing each family member in that moment of time.

What We Do When Everyone Can’t Be There At The Same Time

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Last year the Sheppard family wanted a family Portrait.  It was the first time they were going to all be together in a long time — and since they live  in a variety of places it was very difficult to get everyone together.

Everything was all set and at the last moment one family had to cancel!!

Colin — always resourceful — suggested to go ahead with the Portrait using who they had and then when that particular family could make it he would take their Portrait and work them into the original.

What follows shows you how he did this:

Planning the composition and leaving the space for the missing family.

3 Months later Colin was able to Photograph the other Family.  He kept the lighting and the setting the same.

The results are Great!  Colin was able to accomplish a wonderful family memory that almost didn’t happen.